Master Schedule

Do you desire a more efficient method for assembling your master schedule?  These screenshots below highlight how a streamlined approach could benefit your school.  Using a workbook that is cultivated to for your school will provide powerful data for decision-making in half the time.  

Below are snapshots of an example file.  This information is totally descriptive and not an actual file of a school.  

Master Sheet

On this sheet, course IDs, number of sections, and rooms are assigned to teachers for each period.  The information that is entered on this sheet will populate the remaining information within the file.  

Public View

Have all of your information populate on public view-only page.  As you enter the information privately, a separate file can provide information for public consumption.  


While inputting course information, room reservations are calculated (room numbers are on far left).  0 indicates a room is available for instruction.  1 indicates a room is already reserved for a teach that period.  2 indicates that two teachers were assigned to the same room for a a specific period.  (2 is acceptable if there is a co-teaching/team-taught class for instruction).  


This file captures information that is continuously updated as you enter new schedule information.  It provides a snapshot of each department (again--these numbers are examples only), number of teachers on planning, teacher schedule statuses, the courses with greatest enrollment numbers, and the classes that have exceeded capacity.

The purpose of this file is to provide a glimpse of the schedule to interested stakeholders.  Additional information can be added or substituted.