General Business

What services are included with School Data Buffet?
A: Any and all services the school may require.  We cannot emphasize this enough.  Anything collected electronically can be produced into data.  We understand that school needs vary from location to location.  Rather than provide a generic template of services that schools may not need, we allow the school to identify what data they desire to begin a working partnership.

Q: What does the day-to-day partnership look like if we enlisted School Data Buffet?
A: Once you have all the data for a project, we begin working on the project and identify a tentative date for completion.  We can identify these dates far in advance if we know completion dates for your data (example: end of quarter grade analysis can be scheduled for entire year in advance since academic calendars are scheduled before year begins).  Follow-up assistance is available around the clock to ensure you fully understand the results of all analysis/  

Q: Yeah, but how long will a project usually take for completion?
A: It is not out of the question for you to receive a completed product the same day.  Again, the scope of the project will determine turn around time, but the goal is to have medium-sized projects returned within 24 hours.  We will always be upfront with projects.  If it is a busier time of the year, there could be some delay, but nothing that should impact your timelines. 

Q: We need data for a grant or improvement plan.  Is this possible?  Also, do you provide any summary writing of data? 
A: Yes, we can provide extensive data for grants, improvement plans and executive summaries.  We can also provide write-ups of all data.  Not a problem.

Q: This data you provided for us looks great, but I need assistance making sense of it.  Do you help with that?  
A: Absolutely, feel free to call/text/email and we will make sure you fully understand the data.  If we need to hold a meeting, that is perfectly acceptable as well.  

Beginning partnership

Q: We are very interested, but want to discuss before finalizing.  Is this possible? 
A: Of course, we would not expect anything else.  We can dedicate as much time as needed for you to feel comfortable with our working partnership.  Additionally, if there is a manageable project you would like completed before beginning our partnership, we can complete it free of charge.   

Q: We are interested, what are the next steps?
A: The most effective method to date has been assigning a point of contact (POC) within your school, define the scope of work and establish tentative deadlines.  This can be performed over the phone at your convenience.  


Q: What is the pricing for School Data Buffet?
A: Pricing is on a case-by-case basis.  Assigning a price is difficult because the needs of each school vary considerably.  Nevertheless, the most common plans range between $2000-$4000 per year (12 months from date of agreement). 

Q: Do you perform individual project pricing?
A: Yes. If there is a single project that must be performed, this is very much possible. 

Q: What is the payment schedule for your services?
A: The most common payment schedule is 40 percent initially and 60 percent at the end of the year.  However, we know schools operate on different fiscal schedules.  As a result, we can accommodate various payment schedules if necessary.


Q: All of your examples online are exceptional, and we would love to work with you; however, we are concerned about confidentiality of students.  How do you address this?
A: We would prefer that student names, addresses, and contact information not be available to us.  All data can be generated using a Unique ID (typically a student ID).  Moreover, we can change unique IDs so that the actual ID is not used for analysis. We emphasize that names/addresses/contact information is unnecessary to generating effective data.  Furthermore, School Data Buffet will gladly sign any waiver to ensure there is no information passed to 3rd parties.  As you can see in the examples, there is no identifiable information that was provided by schools--only information that is readily available to the public at DOE web sites.  We would never jeopardize our business model under any circumstances.  Again, as the founder of this business, I have passed federal background checks and possess security clearances with an impeccable record that I will happily make available to any client who desires this documentation.