AP Exam/Final Grade/GPA Relationship

This is a comprehensive review of AP Exam/Final Course Grade/GPA Relationship.  Both of these images are the same teacher; however, the second image has more details about each category.  Instructional leaders are interested in this data for a few reasons:

1) To what extent were students successful on the AP Exam?
2) Compared to exam performance, how well had students performed in the class?
3) Historically, how had these students fared previously?

The first two questions can identify if teacher instruction (course grade) and exam performance (AP exam) were aligned.  The third question allows for context of the population.  (Example: TEACHER A has a global exam average of 4.1; however the global GPA is 3.9.  Teacher B has a global exam average of 3.7; however, the global GPA is 3.3.  Teacher B likely outperformed Teacher A because student population had historically performed at lower levels.)