About School Data Buffet

Just a little about me:

I have contracts with schools in California, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, and Washington, DC, assisting with online instructional, logistical, accreditation and data needs. My turnaround time on work requested is as fast as the same day. For NWEA spring testing, I am creating live dashboards that will update in real time for school leaders to continuously access. This data will be cut to identify achievement and growth statuses and provide context against historical scoring. Any subgroup collection (SPED, FRL, ESL, etc) is possible as well -- as is any information that aligns with school and accreditation priorities. Again, all this information will update in real time as NWEA releases scores. You simply monitor the URL to view the updates. I work around the clock to support schools that I am currently partnered with. I have references that will corroborate my accessibility, effectiveness and promptness for all tasks. I provide an unprecedented data service that is comprehensive and immediate, at a bare minimum cost. You never pay for work in advance, only after work has been completed.

I have extensive experience as a data analyst, school administrator, and classroom teacher. My work experience includes employment as a data administrator at a top-100 school nationally. In addition to administrative duties, my responsibilities included coordinating data for the following areas: college admission, AP, SAT, ACT, and state testing. I also used extensive survey and data-modeling for my PhD in Education. Before my time as an administrator, I was a teacher in the classroom for eight years in Virginia and Florida.

I departed the school system to work for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Silver Spring, Maryland analyzing extensive datasets for drug applications and evaluative programs.

Currently, I own and operate two businesses. One is a tutoring business that began with a simple listing close to a decade ago. This little endeavor has grown into a robust educational center, where I currently work with over 250 kids on a weekly basis, preparing them for a myriad of coursework and exams (SAT/ACT, AP exams, etc.).

My other business focuses on providing data solutions for schools. I am currently working with schools to fill critical data support needs in areas (click on links for examples) of NWEA MAP data, grade analysis, AP/SAT data, instructional assessments, and dashboards and individual reports for teachers and students. I also conduct survey modeling that is popular for community outreach and accreditation purposes.

Another current school data project I am coordinating focuses on providing data assistance for underprivileged students and schools in northern California during the COVID-19 response. (This work is available if you are interested). Over the past few months, more than 500K meals have been coordinated and delivered to over 25 locations to ensure that kids receive meals daily. I am facilitating dozens of reports for local and California state officials using survey and data instruments that I created and implemented. I am certain that if you provide me with a similar opportunity, you will be elated with my performance, just like all the school officials I work with at this time.

Working with data in education is my passion. This is my life's work. Impact is my professional goal. Any needs you have -- big or small --can be effectively completed. Whether your needs are academic, logistical, or anything else, it is totally within my scope. I am happy to complete work for you prior to any commitment to demonstrate my abilities. If there is work to complete right now, I would welcome the opportunity.

My resume is included at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-dBTq-060apH_J-LInjptk1bTciqslxgm4lJQ9vTaJM/edit

I have also included a screenshot of the first page of my resume below. Additionally, included are a few screenshots of work that I have completed. You can find much more of this data at my site: http://www.schooldatabuffet.com/examples or follow up with me and I can provide dozens of examples.

I would absolutely love to speak with you about any opportunities and answer any questions you may have. Even if you feel you cannot commit at this time, I am happy to discuss and brainstorm anything about the needs for your school.

Thank you.
Nick Humbert, PhD